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Default Re: Have you ever...

When I was 11, I decided I wanted to be a forensic scientist. I made the extremely stupid mistake of telling my parents this. That was almost 7 years ago.

Almost 9 years ago I started learning guitar. I never took it seriously until about 4 years ago. In the past four years I have learnt how to play acoustic, electric, bass, piano, a bit of drums, and I am currently working on vocals.

I was a child genius until about 8th grade. Unlike other students I would never have to study to get a good mark. then at about 9th grade, I started to average out, and since I didn't study, my marks dropped. Now they are average.

Because I told them I wanted to be a forensic scientist, they have put the pressure on my to do that. I have been pressured to do well in school, when I am struggling. I don't even know if I want to do forensics any more. If my marks drop, my dad is going to pull me out of my school (which I love).

The past year I have been dreaming about forming a Christian Metal band like Fireflight. I hadn't told anyone this,

*If you have a problem with Christianity, do not read spoilers*


I was at youth group one night, and one of the leaders there came over and talked to me. We were friends, but I hadn't told him about what was on my mind. He told me that he felt like God told him that I have a dream, but I have my doubts. He said God told him that he wants me to chase that dream and not let anything get in my way. People may be skeptical about this, but since I had told absolutely nobody about the band thing, I see it as a sign.

My parents don't know about this. As far as they are concerned I still want to do Forensics. If I tell them I am not sure, they will pull me out of my school, and send me to a cheaper one.

I am in my last year of school. I have taken drastic measures to make sure I get good marks. I think my parents will respect my decision with the band, if I get a good enough mark to do forensics, so that if the band flops over, I still have something to go to. To do Forensics I need an ATAR (ranking, highest is 99.85) of 68.1.

My parents both dropped out of school. I have already made it further than both of them. But I don't think they would respect my decision with the band idea...

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