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Name: Valarie Alexander
Location: Entering Aspertia City
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A soft yawn escaped Valarie’s lips as she stepped onto the clean roads of Aspertia, stretching her sore limbs as she cast a glance around. She had been walking for a while to get here, and the reason was still clutched in her hand. With a slight shake of her head to get herself fully awake again, Valarie looked at the paper once more. It was what had caused her to come to Aspertia City in the first place, but in all truth she didn’t know why she had listened to it. There was no signature, and it was written in riddles. So much for listening to her instincts and ignoring the creepy letter that had showed up on her doorstep.

<Is everything alright, Valarie?> The soft voice caused Valarie to turn her head slightly, a small black figure hovering near her shoulder. The Yamask, Coros, looked at her with a bit of worry in his red eyes <You didn’t overstress yourself with all the walking, did you?>

A laugh left Valarie’s lips and she shook her head, beckoning for the small ghost to lounge on her shoulder as she began to walk deeper into the city “Nah, I’m okay. I just didn’t get much sleep last night. Trying to decipher this riddle, you know?” Her eyes scanned over the paper once more as she read the same line over and over “It’s not everyday you get a letter like this.”

Coros nodded, his big red eyes blinking slowly as he too read the line that seemed to be giving his trainer so much trouble. <Do you think Gaiga could figure it out?> Valarie stopped walking almost instantly. Why hadn’t she thought of that? Sometimes she swore the Scolipede was smarter than why hadn’t she even asked her anything yet? Besides, she was probably getting grumpy after being in her pokeball for such a long time. Valarie reached down to her belt and pressed the button on Gaiga’s pokeball. There was a soft red flash before the Scolipede solidified in front of her trainer, looking down at Valarie with a bit of distaste.

“Don’t give me that look. I’m sorry I left you in there for so long but you know how people are about large pokemon out on the roads. I had to travel fast. Not that you’re slow.” The Scolipede rolled her eyes slightly and shook her head, remaining silent as her trainer spoke “Come on, we just need to figure this out. “Look for a shiny object that sticks out in the sky”, that’s what we’re looking for.”

The Scolipede instantly turned her gaze skyward, and Valarie did the same. They stood in silence for a minute before the trainer huffed, pulling herself onto the bug’s back “It’ll take forever to find something like that in a city this big.”

A rumbling growl from Gaiga shook her from her musings and she looked down, seeing the bug nod in the direction of the east. Valarie looked up, squinting as she tried to find what had peaked the Scolipede’s attention. Something glinted brightly against the sun as it moved towards a roof “Is that...A Skarmory! They aren’t native here...So that has to be it!” Gaiga nodded and began walking in the direction of the metal bird’s perch. Valarie sat contently on her back, some passing townspeople nodding to her or offering a ‘good day’. At least they weren’t terrified of her pokemon like some people had been.

When Gaiga finally came to a halt, Valarie looked up. What looked like a rather run down building stood in front of her. Resisting the urge to raise and eyebrow, Valarie slipped from Gaiga’s back, looking up at the decaying facade. The Skarmory was perched on the roof, ruffling its sharp wings as it surveyed her. The door to the building was already slightly open, so someone must have used it recently. Taking a deep breath, Valarie walked towards the half-open door.

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