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Name: Elise
Species: Grovyle
Location: Swamp
Currently: Being nervous and stealthy

Elise continued on her way. The soft ground beneath her feet was almost pleasant. The fact they kept sinking was not pleasant at all. The continued complaining of her stomach was of great nuisance to her.

She walked onward feeling the presence of eyes that were unseen. She noticed signs of a group passing. They left an obvious enough trail for even the novice tracker. The odd trail drew her attention. She followed it through the swamp.

After a while of sneaking just off of the trail. She spotted the group. She watched from a distance. She was nervous about the group. She wasn't sure she wanted to approach. They didn't look like enemies, but she wasn't sure if they were friendly, and being albino didn't make her any more confident. She could still hear her nagging stomach, and she hoped that no one else could.

Name: Malachi
Species: Salamence
Location: the sky above the swamp
Currently: Flying

Malachi was on the wing. His landing had slightly improved. It was still unpleasant, but the mud did help shield himself from too much damage. He was also beginning to improve with flying in general. He was able to fly longer as he began to understand the proper way to actually fly.

From the sky he spotted a group of Pokemon. He circled the group for a short period of time. He circled and slowed. He decided to land into the general area inside of the group. He doubted there hostility. Few of them seemed ready for a fight, and if need be he figured he had a fair chance of holding his own because of his size he knew by now they should have noticed him. He half-crashed half-rolled on the firmer ground. He managed to end on his legs, so he decided it was a complete failure of a land.

He looked around sizing up the group around him. He noticed a Riolu that he landed next to. He nearly crushed it and figured he probably scared it. He spoke to it, "Sorry." He looked acknowledging the group, "Sorry for crashing in on you, but I recently lost my home and seek companions."
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