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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Max looked at the little Spirit.
"Markus and Gold are our friends..."

Max tries to focus.
"Its strange though, Im not sensing Markus in the building...we should go find out where he is."

On the top floor Dredd stands up. He stretches out the body...
"A full body equipped with a little psychic training, this should be interesting."

Dredd looks at the sealed tomb and laughs.
"No longer will they hear your voice, no matter will they feel your pain..ha"

Deep down in the under world..beyond the gates to the other dimension Markus's soul has latched onto a pokemon spirit. In dark nothingness your rage seems to builds and builds. Only a tiny speck of light remians in this corner.

A friendly voice speaks to you. The voice is very faint.
"Markus...Markus if you dont focus you will lose yourself in your rage...You will..." the voice becomes to faint to understand.

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