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Default Re: New Trainers Association - Open

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
why those three pokemon?? Im not sure they would all work on the same team ? Aqua any thoughts, would these things work together ?
no arcanine is just like an inferior infenape and infernape sucks these days due to his fraility and alkc of attacking stats, he si no terrkion thats for sure.

Alakazam and scizor can work togther alakazam loves weakend mons and scizor can give him them with u turning into kazam and as a bonus alakazam will be unharmed as either something switches out of scizor or hits it before u turn.

Choice band and focus slash set are recomended but a life orb set could work


the three of them working togther? No
Alakazam and scizor, yes
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