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Default Re: [WAR XI WINNER] Guardian Units of Nations (Now a Sonic Group - Please Join!)

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
Um, realize that you like to create most of the insanity around here, right? ^^'

Etel: Like Shadow says, 'at least she's honest.'
I call lies. *Points to Kris* YOU create, like, half of the insanity here.

So...*Blahblahblah*School.*Blahblahblah*GameStop*B lahblahblah*Pokemon*Blahblahblah*

The other day at Gamestop (AKA A month ago.) I had the choice to get Sonic Generations. I put it back because I wasn't sure how good it was, even though SEGA has redeemed themselves. So, my Mom goes "OH. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG FOR PS3 (Sonic '06). WOULD YOU LIKE IT?" And I'm like
So, I wanted to know...should I get Sonic Generations?

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