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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(Dredd, I'll PM you something.)


*Markus'es searing hatred would most likely have obliterated Dredd's soul(s) instantly if he was thirty and directed it at him. Markus'es searing hatred literally kept him warmer than the cold abyss could ever chill him. Markus'es searing hatred would probably have started a forest fire if he was near a forest. Markus'es new body turned dark red upon his soul touching it out of sheer hatred. Dredd was NOT getting away with what it did, power be d**med. He immediately planned out millions of ways to kill it, almost instantly, thinking of doing so in the most violent and painful of manners even remotely possible, or even impossible, ranging from stabbing his knife into its spine, eating its flesh, using Tsunami to send him to the moon and kill it with oxygen deprivation, stealing the Darkrai soul from its body and forcing it to devour itself, possessing Night to suddenly eat its upper torso, turning himself into a Shadow Pokémon of his own creation (sans mind rape and trauma) to outmatch Dredd, dragging it into dreams where he had power levels of an otherwise inconceivable level (to ARCEUS, or anything stronger) just to assimilate his body and soul into his dream's persona and possibly converting it to his use in reality, or using the Tyrant Stone to make Dredd do things to itself the very monster would never do to others under any circumstance, even in the most desperate of circumstances, or even if needed. The hatred would have tipped off Empaths for miles, but fortunately for Markus none were even that close, even with Spin (unknown to him) in the same realm*

*However, then he took several (nonexistent) breaths of air: No, no no, Markus would be calm enough to operate on a logical level, the rage was utterly illogical. He reasoned inwardly; to see Dredd's plot take a severe setback, or possibly outright be destroyed, all by his hand and with a clear, utterly calm mind, would be absolutely priceless. Dredd would freak, show emotion, show displeasure, show the hatred Markus wanted Dredd to show, show his outrage at how he was bested by the supposedly worthless, no-good s**t that deserved less than the subatomic particles of the dust on a three-toed hobo's three-toed foot. He was not leaving until he got his body back, that was for sure. Dredd was not getting away with what it did, power be d**med, but he would not be victim of Dredd due to irrational thought.*

*He took a look at his surroundings, taking in every minute detail, 'ears' sharp for Giratina or anyone else, his new body feeling his surroundings as much as possible. He felt his new body for his powers, briefly hoping that the full extent of his powers (the very strong ones Sabrina said would come in at about thirty years of age) would be available to him. He would prepare to abruptly end Dredd's life and souls and save the very millions Dredd wanted to destroy, preparing to sacrifice his friends, his partners, and even himself to see his foe's defeat-as usual.*
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