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(OOC: A quick post. Partly to answer Bladestrike, but mostly filler cause I felt like it. ^^ Hopefully there's no typos, cause I'm too tired to check. =P)


Chip, Poppy, and Torin
Furret twins and shiny Pikachu

Walking up to his sister, Chip offered a smile. “You were right. He seemed a little upset, but calmed down as soon as I called him on it. He says he’ll be alright.”

Poppy looked at the ground, frowning. “I just had this he was about to burst.”

She had sensed the brooding that was building up inside her friend and though she was not sure what it was about, knew that it could not be good. There was so much anger, helplessness, fear...and something else she just could not put her paw on. As soon as she realized the feeling was coming from Torin, the Furret began to worry. The Pikachu was only older than Chip and Poppy by a season, and he had never handled so many types of wounds on his own before. At home, he was still learning and was only allowed to take care of minor injuries without his father nearby. Here he suddenly had pressure laid on him from the first day they left home. Everyone was looking to the young Pikachu to help with their wounds. Now with no supplies, he had to sit idle for the first time since they started traveling...and the pressure was mounting. Poppy heaved a sigh and looked at her brother.

“I dunno how else to explain it, Chip. I could just feel him simmering to the point of bursting.”

“You could really feel that?” Chip tilted his head like he always did when thinking. After a moment, he gave his twin sister a small smile. “Well, if you start to feel it again, lemme know, okay? And try not to worry too much. Torin hasn’t been himself much since we got to this place. He’s used to taking care of others and there’s not much he can do here, so it’s probably getting to him.”

The smaller Furret looked pensive. “I hope you’re right. Do you think he’ll feel better if we get outta here?”

“Absolutely,” he said. Noticing that she still did not look certain, he gave a tug on Poppy’s scarf. “And don’t forget, he’s family. We watch out for him like we watch out for each other, right?”

Poppy giggled a little when Chip pulled on her scarf. She looked over at their friend who was watching Flash go up to the Charmeleon. The twins and Pikachu had been a trio ever since she could remember. Torin’s grandmother had raised the Furret from kits. Through thick and thin they had been together. Getting in and out of trouble, playing and arguing...just like family. Torin had always looked out for her almost as much as Chip. While the twins would always be a little closer, Torin could not be any closer even if he were related by blood. The small Furret smiled.

“Yeah,” she nodded. “Just like family.”

The shiny Pikachu was glad when Flash agreed to try helping Embyr. He heard Nightfang say that they were leaving and hoped that the Flareon’s assistance would make a difference quickly. While watching the two fire-types, Bladestrike approached him, nervously asking if he was alright. The Scyther’s uncertainty was still concerning to the healer as he realized that head wound, while it might have been slowly healing on the outside, was still deeply affecting Bladestrike.

Still, Torin nodded. “I’m fine, Bladestrike. Just irritated at the swamp. I’ll be glad to get out of here.” He could not bring himself to raise his mood for the Scyther and sighed. “You’ll be glad to get out too, I promise. It’ll be a lot easier to walk when we’re out of the muck.”

And maybe I’ll be able to find some things to help everyone, he thought to himself. The whole situation was just getting to be overwhelming.

“Hey, guys,” Chip called. “I think we found some firm ground to get moving on.”

Standing at the edge of the clearing, the Furret watched as his sister walked further out -within sight- to make sure there was a path and not just a patch of solid ground near the massive tree’s roots. It seemed that the firm ground would continue for enough of a distance to at least get them started. From there, they would have to be careful not to follow anything that would turn them away from their direction. Following a twisting path would be a sure way to get off-course.
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