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Default Re: Route 1

Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
Trainer: Hiiro Tatsuya
Currently: Route 1

"Well, the Psychic girl officially challenged us, didn't she? Or at least I think she did. All we need to do is to find your first friend, and me, catching my first Pokemon." Hiiro turned to Zorua.


"I believe we'd do well, Zorua. Just follow my lead, and we shall rule this Route!" Hiiro smiled, yet charmingly so.

"You know Zorua, it might not be that bad if we encounter a Flying Type. I mean, we've already got the grounds covered, so having a flyer might even things out a little, don't you think so?" Hiiro looked at Zorua.

"Zee..." Zorua smirked.

Pyschic Girl Stacy

Hiiro logic seemed pretty sound, but in the land of pokemon not everything always goes the way you plan. As you arrived on Route 1 you were surprised to find an empty route. Where were all the pokemon at.

Stacy chased after you, arrive a couple of seconds after.
"So it looks like are challenge is set on hard mode. Only I have the advantage as I can move things with my mind."
Stacy kinda gloated about it.

Stacy thinks she hot stuff, you will need to prove how clever you are to shut her up. Write a paragraph about your best hunt technique to shut her up!

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