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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

No more running... I told myself as I took a deep breath. Claiming the newest member of my team, I turned to the path and followed it--expecting it to lead me to a certain stone house.

Official's Post

Pichu and Poochyena walked with you as you started down dark path. As you walked you noticed the dirt path below your feet looked as if nothing had ever walked on it before. In a forest filled with creatures and dead trees why did this path look as if it had never been walked on. You stepped carefully. As you walked you half expected to find a little cabin in the woods. As you moved along you saw smoke coming up from something. Your stomach seemed to withdraw as you saw the little house, it sat in the middle of a dark dead forest. You knew he would be in there.

How do you approach this house?? sneak up to it, maybe walk right up the front door.

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