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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Name: Dark Dredd
Location: Heading to the most powerful place in the ruins


Shadow Pokemon

(Shadow Pokemon Get a +10 )

As Damien hangs suspended in the air. He tries to figure out what to do. With the stone now in the shadow mans hands. He notices the pace of the Unown start to pick up. Soon the room starts to get brighter and brighter to Damiens surprise he starts to see flashes of another place. He can see Markus and the girl calling herself Alyssa. His eyes blink rapidly when he sees something new show up

his heart races.

The shadow figure moves forward his feet crossing through the flashing lights.

*We must continue what we started*

The shadow speaks to the floating creature.

*Two stones remain and we will make them pay Dredd..*

Damiens eyes stay fixated on the events. The first attack by the two clans causing the image to disappear. The shadow figure looks over lifting his hands the Unown seem to fall back in place and the time storm seems to start up again this time more powerful.

Dredd turns to Damien.

*We have a replacement here. We must begin the removal process, now !*

On the outside Seth looks at Lee shaking his head.
"So if we all try this together it should work."

Spin looks at Lee. She doesnt smile but she nods her head.
"Looks like there is someone decent on this team."

Spin turns to Yellow.
"Lee over here is going to clear a path. Seth and I will control the Unown. Yellow Im going to need you to help focus on getting them to let go of this. Once this starts we will be immobile though. " She says that looking at Alyssa and Markus

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