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Default Re: Andromeda Town

Trainer: Hiiro Tatsuya
Currently: Andromeda Town Beach

The swimmer scratched his head.

"I think you need a water Pokemon to join! But we are going to be hosting another race in a month!"

The swimmer turns to go back to working out but pauses.

"I would head out to Route 1 and make your way to Navi Town..There is good fishing spot there."

What a bummer. Hiiro was expecting some sort of loophole around this one. Guess not everyday's a Sunday. However, it was expected that Hiiro might have to get more Pokemon in his team to be able to do anything, essentially. Navi Town seems like a good place for Water Type Pokemon, but it won't be easy reaching there with his current strength.

"We need to get stronger. We need to find more allies, we need more friends, Zorua." Hiiro sighed.

"Zorr!!" Zorua howled, excitedly.

"Heh, you seem eager to meet up with new friends I suppose. Alrighty then! It's decided then! Let's make our way to Route 1 then. But before that, ah, speak of the devil. Here's the sunset.." Hiiro replied, and he sat on the sandy floor and began to bask at the sun's rays...

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