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Jack Finnigan
Temple of the Chosen
Link: Glitch/Porygon

The man that introduced himself as Cobalt and I walked down a dark hallway. His oversized chick blew a fireball down the hallway. A torch was discovered on the wall. He pulled it off of the wall with some effort and had his chicken of the inferno light it. There was another one that he had lit and handed to me. I accepted this torch.

I looked over at my floating angular friend and asked it, "So, his chcken breathes fire... What can you do?" Glitch sorta shrugged which looked odd without actually having shoulders. It kinda continued floating there.

Then something happened. The shadows didn't recede from the torch-light. It formed into some creature... something like a wolf. The other man asked what it was, and I honestly couldn't supply an answer. The Shadow wolf thing attacked. The other tried to kick it which was an ineffective to say in the least. It proceeded to attack his chicken. He had his chicken burn it. Could it be weak against fire.

Another one appeared. "Taste the Torch of Justice!" I shouted. I thrust my torch at it... ineffectively! It passed through me and my Torch of Justice! It charged Glitch. I spun and shouted out Glich's name. I saw Glitch sharpen its edges and charge back at the beast. On contact the foe seemed to be scattered. It faded away leaving the floating being of shapes unharmed. I stared for a moment. I was not sure what just happened. I turned to Cobalt, "So you can't kick it, but your bird can burn it. I can't burn it, but Glitch here can scatter it by hitting it? What is going on here?"

Shadow creatures destroyed (2/6)/(1/3)
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