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Default Re: Member of the Year 2012 Voting Section

It was really difficult to vote, but I think that's a good thing :) I stole Sealboy's comments idea because I think it's awesome. <3

Nicest Member: Josh, Charmander009, Eternal Moonlight; These guys are always so friendly and kind!
Funniest Member: Steak, Etymology; You crack me up with your WFL posts.
Smartest Member: Kenny_C.002; Supreme smarty pants!
Most Helpful: Judge Dredd, Etymology; Can always rely on these guys for great ideas and to get things done!

Best Writer/Roleplayer: Charmander009, winstein; Epic skills! :D
Best Drawn/Sprite/Graphics Artist: 5TailedDemonLizard, Judge Dredd; WIsh I could draw like these guys!
Best Battler: ?
Best URPG Participant: ?
Best ASB Participant: ?

Best WFL Participant: Charmander009, Kaoru, Typhlosion Explosion; I also want to acknowledge Steak, Etymology and Judge Dredd for all their help. <3 Wish I could vote for everyone!

Best New Member: mintjelly; It's hard to believe she has been here for less than a year. She has done so much to help the forum and definitely deserves this award!
Most Active Member: Typhlosion Explosion, Judge Dredd; You guys are ALWAYS on!
Best Staff Member: Judge Dredd, HKim; If I need something done, I know I can rely on Dredd. Harry's dedication to PE2K is inspirational.
Wish You Were Here: PokemonElite2000; Would love to be able to make updates to the forum, come back Ryan!
Award for Outstanding Contribution to PE2K: HKim; We wouldn't be here without Harry. I think a lot of what he does is behind the scenes work that we may not appreciate enough.
Member of the Year: Judge Dredd; I'm sure Dredd accounts for at least 50% of PE2K's activity. Thanks for all your help in keeping this place going!

Favourite Pokemon: BULBASAUR!
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