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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
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With the poor Dodou out cold a woman comes running up. She seems to be a little off but concerned. Did you guys feel that earthquake ??"
She looks around for a moment.
"Dang, look at the branches on Route 5.." She pauses.
"Do you know how I can get to uh, Route 6 ? I seem to have gotten mixed up."

Do you help her out ?

Trainer: Minako
Currently: Talking to Elaine

"Hello. Yeah, that was quite the earthquake." Minako said. "You wanna know how to get to Route 6? Well, just go to Route 5 and then head on over to Route 6."

After talking to Elaine, she noticed a TM on the ground. "Sweet, TM39!"

Obtained TM39 Rock Tomb!
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