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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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The team pauses as the massive Giratina breaks through the doorway. Moving at top speeds it fails to notice them.

*Run you fool!* The voices were still in his head, the dark version of himself seemed to be louder.

Max rushes towards the gate and helps the girls get through. He then looks at the Spirit
"Lets go! "

The Spirit moves thorugh, Max and Wispeon jumped in right after. The doorway began to seal shut. As the ghost world began to rock. The guardians of the gate seems scared of Max and moved out of his way. The team crawled through the doorway for the deal. Max helped the Spirit out.. The wall then froze shut on that end.

Max laid on the ground for a moment taking a deep breath.
"We made it. I hope Markus and Gold are fine."

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