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Trainer: Zayna
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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
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The Pichu stayed ahead of you. Watching it shuffle through the weeds made you think of your own Pichu and how much you really missed your pokemon. The Pichu also helped relax you in this unknown place. You tried to focus on just trying to keep up. All around you roots shot out of the ground from the dead forest. The wind hollowed as its pierced the cracks of the dead trees. This reminded you of the dead forest your grandmother had told you about when you were younger. That story couldnt be realy though, that was a tail of caution....No girl could have found herself lost in that kind of place. You imagination seems to get ahead of you. You pick up the pace stopping when you reach the edge of the forest. Your heart seems to burst out of your chest as you notice there is nothing beyond the edge of the forest.. Just a drop off into the dark.

Behind you feel something is watching you. Pichu turns around first grabbing at your pants.

Poochyena seems to want something from you. Write a paragraph about the battle or capture !

(Hmm, I don't think Zayna would actually remember anything about her Grandmother--she hardly remembers her past at all xD)

The poochyena wanted something from me? Well, I could certainly use some help from it.

"Okay, Pichu," I looked at the electric mouse hopefully. "Will you help me out here?"

It nodded enthusiastically, which earned a smile from me. I wondered briefly why it was going so far out of its way to help me. I didn't ponder too long, however, since a task was at hand.

"Pichu, start with Charm!"

Even as the mouse's fur began to glow, the dog raced forward and tackled it to the ground. However, the attack did not inflict much damage. Pichu shrugged it off easily, thanks to the Charm.

"Now, follow up with Thundershock!" I ordered.

Now that the Poochy was in close range, Pichu's electric attack would be more effective. The mouse's cheeks sparked seconds before electricity coursed through the Bite Pokemon, who howled in pain. Pichu's Thundershock could only last for so long, however; as soon as it faded, the Poochyena shook itself and growled. Without warning, it jumped at Pichu and bit into its ear.

"Pichu, shake him off! Tail Whip!"

Pichu did so, though the Poochy refused to release its ear.

I frowned in concern. "Um... Try another Thundershock, if you can..."

The electric mouse let loose another small shock; though its duration wasn't as long as last times, it was enough to daze the dog. STILL it did not release its hold.

Well, there was only one thing left to do. Taking out a Level Ball, I tossed it at the Poochyena.

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