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*the same pokemon in both*

As you continued down the path a low growl caught your attention. You turn back quickly but dont see anything! The turns to the right hearing something moving in the bushes. You call out to it and jump back as the dark dog appears

Poochyena appears

You seem to have walked into its territory ! write a paragraph about the battle or capture!
Name: Luis
Party: Gyarados, Raticate, Meowth, Hoppip, Nincada
Currently: Turf war with a Pocchyena

After walking for a while, I hear a faint growl coming from the bushes. But this time it wasn't going to take me by surprise, I turn back to where the growl came and try to call out the creature. ''Who's that!?''

The bushes started shaking and a Poochyena came out of them. It had an angry look in its face, maybe I had step in his territory by accident. ''Hey now, im just passing by you don't have to get all work-'' The Poochyena started barking, interrupting me mid-sentence.

''That was rude my little friend.'' I pick Cage Pokeball and throw it in front of the dark dog. ''If a fight is what you want, then I'll be happy to obligue. Use your Crunch to weaken him a bit.'' Cage prepared to crunch the Poochyena but dodged the attack, making Cage bite a tree by mistake. This wasn't going to stop Cage's strong bite as he took a chunk of the trunk to show off his strenght.

Once again Cage attacked Poochyena and crunched the little dog in a leg while the Poochyena bit Cage in the back. ''Let's get this over with, use Hyper Fang.'' Cage now bit the Poochyena with full force without letting the it react. Poochyena fell to the ground weakened, as I threw a Pokeball at him.
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