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Default Re: The Chosen [RP]

Chosen: Te
Partner: Krow
Location: Temple of the Chosen (With Fenn) Perspective: Te

After heading east, I took note of the girl's creature. It was odd and unnatural, with a metal plate on it's back with a bump that reminded me of the part you blow into an ocarina.

"Did your animal come from one of those meteors?" She asked eventually.

"...Yeah," I replied. "I'm guessing yours did too, judging by how unnatural it looks." After that brief pause, we moved on. The hallway was long, so it took us a while for us to come across something. Although, we were accompanied by Krow's annoying repeating of "Unnatural! Unnatural!" I swear, that bird needs to learn to shut up. About halfway through (Or, at least, what I judged to be halfway.), we came across some...shadows? At first glance, they seemed harmless, until one launched itself at Krow.

"Krow!!!" He screamed in pain.

"Don't hurt my friend!" I shouted at the creature. I attempted to attack it, but they just kept going through it.

"Krow! Murkrow!" Krow shouted once more. He moved blindingly fast, then threw a sucker punch at it, keeping it down.

"...Good job," I said in the end. "! There's some more! Cover me!" Krow was worn out, so I rushed towards him. Hopefully, the girl and her creature can help us.

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