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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Name: Dark Dredd
Location: Heading to the most powerful place in the ruins


Shadow Pokemon

(Shadow Pokemon Get a +10 )

Spin looks at the Markus and nods her head.
"Thats not a bad idea, only we dont know what that device does..If I could only get a boost maybe I could help change there mind..Hmmm"

Yellow paused.
"You two may be on to something. Markus maybe if you asked him nicely..."
Yellow looked at Damien.
"We need to hurry though."

On the other end

Seth rushed up to the wall but the energy created knocked him back.
"We need to finish this already !"

Pokemon Using: Gastly
Pokemon Battling: Unown E
My points:17
Its points:19
Bonus:+5 Shadow Bonus
Poitns After:0
Its Points After:7

Pokemon Using: Exeggcute
Pokemon Battling: Unown E
My points: 16
Its points:7
Bonus:+5 Shadow Bonus
Poitns After:4
Its Points After:0

Both pokemon faint.

After the last shadow pokemon is down the shadow balls disappear. The Unown begin to glow brighter and brigher. Soon the ruins start to shake. As dust falls down front the ceiling Seth looks at Alyssa.
"We need a plan here ! "

Seth adjust his device.
"What is this thing good for ! "

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Dragonite: 33129
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