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Default Re: Pokemon X and Y starter types revealed

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
@Pokemon Trainer Sarah: I don't really think gamefreak would bother too much about the life cycle of amphibians, the thing you posted does not resemble Bulbasaur
"Other than a lack of a tail, and with visible ears and no genuine metamorphosis stage (evolution aside), Venusaur does not have much in common with amphibians like frogs and toads (which metamorphose from one definite creature into another as they mature as opposed to just growing into a larger adult version of itself the way that Venusaur does); instead, it more closely resembles reptiles like lizards and tuataras." - Bulbapedia

That seems to represent Bulbasuar, Ivysaur, and Venusaur's body structure pretty spot on. I really don't know how you possibly do not see this. :p

To be honest, I really like the structure of Chespin so far. :D It feels different due to the brown coloring and mammalian structure but I personally like it! I'm pretty excited to see now what their final typings will be as they evolve. The anticipation is too much. :p
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