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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post

Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Running from the creeper, "Doin' the creeeep-pah..."

I hardened my expression--not wanting to give away the little Pichu waving me down. I braced myself, knowing that what I was going to do next was going to be gutsy.

"The heck I don't," I growled at the creeper, determined to show him otherwise. Without warning, I broke into a run, charging towards the mysterious man--but at the last second, I swerved. Kicking my legs as hard as I could, I raced after the Pichu.

Official's Post

*I laughed pretty hard at that, I was not expecting you to do that.*

The creeper didnt have time to react as you rushed passed him into the forest. Pichu followed behind you. The two of you continued to run until you were far enough in. You both got down and hid in a hollowed out tree stump. You hand shook a little as this place was something out of nightmares. A thick gray fog covered the air. As you sat there, you tried not to make a sound. In the distance you can hear his voice.

*Zayna there is no point to all this. If I dont find you out there the devils that live out there will. I will be waiting for you outside of the stone house north of here. If you want your pokemon back you have no choice.*

It was clear that he had the advantage but you were not longer alone. The little Pichu notices you were scared and rubbed up against your leg.
"Pic pic "

The little guy seems like he wants to help. Bring it with you ??

The forest is to dangerous to move through right now, youll have to wait until the beast leave the area. Add 6 hours to your traveling time.

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