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Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Running from the creeper, "Doin' the creeeep-pah..."

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

" sweet Zayna...You dont really have much of a choice."

The figure stands in the mist. Zayna feels the small hair on the beck of her neck. The sounds of creatures moving around in the bushes causing her heart to start racing. In the corner in the eye she sees something moving.

At the corner of the mist you see something waving at you

It seems to be calling you. But the creepy man stands in the way what do you do.
I hardened my expression--not wanting to give away the little Pichu waving me down. I braced myself, knowing that what I was going to do next was going to be gutsy.

"The heck I don't," I growled at the creeper, determined to show him otherwise. Without warning, I broke into a run, charging towards the mysterious man--but at the last second, I swerved. Kicking my legs as hard as I could, I raced after the Pichu.

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