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Name: Joseph Swift
Link: Krookodile

"Well, as unpleasant as pain is, I can handle it, and besides, you did say the armor works kinda like our Pokemons' natural defensive capabilities. This outta be an interesting experience." He shrugged. Alex looked up and thought to herself, "Wait, does that mean I get hit?!" She tilted her head slightly. She was wondering if she was gonna like this game. Joseph was ready to begin. "Let's go!"

Name: Gerald Benson
Link: Ariados

He noted the man with the Krookodile. "Let's go!" This man said. Gerald thought to himself, "Idiot."
"So any pain we inflict in battle is really felt... Excellent. Let's go." He sounded less excited and more as if he was mocking the man with the Krookodile.
Scorn was prepared as well.
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