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Default Re: Old is New: Old Pokemon in 3D

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Ooh I agree about the back sprites! The BW back sprites bothered me to no end. The fact that they were just doubled in size and all pixelly. They should have at least cleaned them up a bit. Of course when you have the camera zooming around, the sprites aren't going to look nice, though. :( I guess that's one of the reasons they wanted to move on from sprites.

I am excited about the 3D battle system, but I still think they could have kept the rest of the game in 2D. The landscapes just aren't appealing to me. All I see when I look at this is stray pixels everywhere. @_@

Once the 3DS was announced, it was inevitable that Pokemon would eventually make the jump to 3D. I don't have anything against 3D Pokemon, Snap is actually my favourite game, but a main game in 3D? Just doesn't have the same feeling for me.
Well I think it's best to give it a try, i doupt the 3D effect of the 3Ds will be of much use for it through.
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