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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(Dream Radar reference: the Tyrant Stone relates to Dreams, Emotions, Truths, Ideals, ect. Henceforth, it serves as, among other things, a lens to view the Interdream Space. Which is why he's seeing small Pink Clouds in it's reflection)

(Also, I seriously need to know (or develop) the exact physics of these stones. Might be for the best; it's most likely not the only time Red/Blue runs into these things. Assuming PCs can use the stones at all, its best to know EXACTLY what they're doing.)

Edgar (KO), Rayx (KO), Empress (KO), Scorpio (KO), Millenius (KO), Olbivion (KO), Night (OK, Shadow)

*Turning the Tyrant Stone in his left hand (yes, he was holding onto a mach-speed Night with one hand), he notices a lot of small pink clouds following him around in the stones reflection. He's curious, but doesn't want to expend his decreasing Energy levels to find out what is up.*

*Upon Landing* <Night, keep these guys away from me, guard me until the tower*Not caring for Rocket Casualties* Their lives are not an issue.>

<*Privately* They sure got rid of those Zombies without a lot of casualties, it seems...*>
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