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Default Re: Andromeda Town

Trainer: Adam

Static (Joltik)

Currently: Exiting PokeLab

I wander out of the doors and into the Town, holding the Pokeball in my hand and thinking hard about what the Professor had said.

"Treat Joltik with respect and it will be a great partner. Show that same respect to pokemon you meet along the way and you should be fine." Her words echoed in my head as I felt a queasy sensation spread through my body. Was I ready for this?

I looked up, sudden determination coursing through my body. Attaching the Pokeball to my belt, I knew me and Static, my newly nicknamed Joltik, would be just fine.

I looked around the Town momentarily, the Lighthouse catching my eye. Curiosity grabbed me and I headed towards the building, wishing to know what exactly was inside it before I headed out of Town.

Now heading to the Lighthouse.


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