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Default Re: Old is New: Old Pokemon in 3D

Originally Posted by Roze View Post
Canon (Latin canon from Greek κανών "measuring rod, standard") may refer to any standard or convention.

We all know what the standard is in Pokemon.

A Pokemon game where you start your Pokemon Journey receiving one of three Pokemon, a fire, a water,or a grass, from a Pokemon Professor, and then you catch a train wild Pokemon for battles against gyms and finally the Elite Four.

XD and Colosseum are not the same. Therefore spin-off and non-canon, non-standard.

Can we not turn my thread into an argument about what I (one singular person) meant when they said "main series". It wasn't the point of this thread. Now that we are are clear what I meant can we move on?
Roze is right, we have gone off the topic. Please from this point on, stay with in the guidelines of the topic.

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