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Default Mewtwo Invasion: Caption Contest

~Banner by Charmander !
(Entry period begins February 1st and ends February 15th at 11:59PM GMT-5/Central Time Zone)

We're back with another Caption Contest, and this theme is inspired by the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. This Pokemon was by no doubt, one of the strongest Pokemon back in Generation I.

This set of images will be taken from the following movies, The Origin of Mewtwo and Mewtwo Strikes Back. (We appologize for poor images). The judges will choose the best caption at the end of the week and tally up the points gained. The person at the end of the second week with the most points wins.

All participants will receive a Mewtwo if they post at least one caption per round. The person who is 1st will receive a special shinny Mewtwo and a place on our Hall of Legends Board. We are looking for the best captions which stand out. We are looking for captions which make us laugh (good luck making Sam laugh) or are witty. Be creative and funny.

Lastly, I never released who was the winner of the Keldeo competition, so that will be released at the end of this caption contest, along with the winner of the Mewtwo Contest.

Scoring System

After every round, the judges, Trainer17 and myself, will choose the top three captions. Below is a table of points distributed from placing in the top three.

1st Place = 3 Points
2nd Place = 2 Points
3rd Place = 1 Point

After 5 Round, we will tally up the points and release the winner of the Caption Contest.

  • Please follow the Forum rules
  • You may change your caption, if so please create a new post with the caption on saying that you want to change.
  • A judge will post a new image every 3 days.
  • You may only make a caption for the image currently on show. I.e, no captions for previous images.

Hall of Legends

Here is a list of previous winners. Could you be next?

1. Charmander009
2. [To be released]
3. ?

Mewtwo Claim
To claim your Mewtwo Click here and fill out the form.


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