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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Location: Getting ready to go to Lavander Town


Side Pokemon;

The team had barely escaped the Casino base. With cops still all over the city Red makes his way to the Pokemon Center exchanges pokemon

Lapras, Pikcahu and the empty dragonite spot. For Charizard, Ditto and Gyardos

Outside he stands with Charizard waiting as Meghan comes out. She warns him of his doom. He doesnt seem to be to worried.
" I was almost an experiment in there. Those guys used me..made it seem like things were one way but really it was the opposite. My pokemon are all I have, if he could do that to Night imagine what he could do to others...That guy needs to be stopped and I need to my partner back."

Eevee stood next to him and agreed with a little bark.

"That creature is going to regret ever messing with me..If you are scared then stay here..I cant be worried about watching over you or your friends the whole time."

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