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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
(Trainer stats same as above)

"Sweet a Seedot!" I said when I saw it in the field.

"Slink! Come out!" I said throwing the pokeball into the air. It burst open and slink appeared in front of me.

The seedot suddenly oozed a clear liquid it hardened giving it a hard shell. Suddenly it glowed red.

"Slink! Flame Wheel!" I ordered. Slink ran forward then dived Into a roll. Suddenly he became engulfed in flames. He hit the seedot numerous times who stood there and did nothing. But after each hit, the Seedot would glow brighter. Then it hit me what it was.
"Slink get away it is using..." I said. But I was too late.
"Bide..." I finished as the Seedot practically exploded knocking Slink out, yet remaining unharmed from the explosion. It stole looked weak from Slinks attacks.

"Slink return! Hedwig your turn!" I said throwing the pokeball into the air.

"Hedwig! Sky Attack!" I yelled. Suddenly Hedwig was surrounded by white light. The seedot spat seeds out of its mouth which hurt Hedwig, but she remained calm. She flew down towards Seedot and tackled it, knocking it over.

"Now finish it off with Hypnosis!" I said. Hedwig's eyes glowed red, and it let out a shrill cry. After a few seconds the seedot was asleep.

"Go pokeball!" I said throwing my last pokeball at the seedot, hoping for pokemon number 7...
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The ball bounces as it hits the ground. Your words and its fate all sealed in the last ball.

Oh no!!!! The ball pops open ! darn close to closing too
The hafl asleep Seedot appears. Still dazed it can be caught ! However a loud srecch seems to wake it up right have bigger problems.

A loud screech shatters the peace you had temporally felt. You notice footsteps int he dirt do you follow them?

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