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Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post

Trainer: Minako
Currently: ...An earthquake?

"An earthquake? Rats, just when I put my Noctowl in the PC." Minako grabbed a Poke Ball. "Come on out, Marley!" Minako threw the Poke Ball into the air and Marley, her Arcanine, appeared. "Marley, let's help Cobalt search the area on foot for injured Pokemon or people."

Marley, being the guard dog she is, immediately knew what to do. She took off running, with Minako and Cobalt close behind.
Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Gwaine Slink Bitey Hedwig Electron Moonlight
Currently: Panicking

"Minako, this Quake wasn't natural. There have never been ones like this around here. And it is worse here. I think this quake was caused by a pokemon, and a damn big one." I said, calling Hedwig and Moonlight back to their pokeballs.

"Gwaine, be ready to fight at any time, but if you don't think you can win, teleport out of here. You have already saved my skin too many times to remember." I said the the dual type pokemon. He nodded at me, as his eyes began to glow, ready to land a Psychic blow if need be.

I slowly walked over to the supposed Epicenter of this quake, with my hands on Bitey and Slink's pokeballs, in preperation of the worst case scenario...

Official's Post

As you walk out into the field you notice that there seem to be waves coming towards you. You can feel the ripples in the dirt. What ever caused this was in the middle of the field. Gwaine pauses a moment looking around. Something is watching you !!

A wild Seedot has appeard !

Write a paragraph about the capture or battle

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