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Default Re: Old is New: Old Pokemon in 3D

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
3d models are not new in the world of Pokemon, stadium, coliseum, XD, that god awful wii game. Now it's time for every game to share the same fate, and hopefully a remake of all 3rd gen games is to follow including XD and coliseum. 3D has just entered the handheld realm but it's nothing new really.
I know, that's why I made sure to say "main series game". I like Colosseum and XD but they really weren't anything like RBY or GSC etc.

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
I agree with you, it feels like the end and a new beginning. New sprites of my favourite Pokemon is something I always looked forward to a lot when new games came around. I'm sad that it's over, but also looking forward to seeing my favourites in 3D. I don't think X and Y (and whatever follows) will ever feel like real main series Pokemon games to me anyway. Sprites/2D worlds have a sort of charm and simplicity that allow you to use your imagination to make the world come to life. I don't think 3D has advanced enough to make a pretty Pokemon game. From the screenshots, it still looks pixelly and stretched.
I agree. I was always really excited to see how cool/cute they had made my favorite Pokemon this time. I actually cared more about back sprites. I always hated when an awesome Pokemon had an awesome sprite and then the back sprite was so horrid that it really made the Pokemon unusable.

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
I'm not really all that nostalgic, I enjoy playing old games and remakes, but it doesn't really set anything off. I just play through it like normal, not, "OMG THAT GUY WAS IN THAT SPOT WITH THIS MUSIC IN THE LAST GAME OMGGGGGGG".
Yeah I agree also. I wouldn't call it nostalgia I guess. I guess nostalgia of how much I used to love playing which doesn't necessarily translate into any new feelings. I really wanted to enjoy FR/LG but I had already played R/B/Y so many times that it was incredibly boring to get through. I'm excited again by Pokemon being in 3D, but I'm sure that excitement will fade quickly and we'll have another bunch mashing Pokemon Game. I'll want to see some of my old favorites in 3D and then I'll most likely quickly retire the game.

Like Sarah said. If sprites are over, then the Pokemon of my childhood is over. Pokemon will probably keep moving on and the sprite stye will feel more and more archaic to the new children being initiated into a wonderful and exciting Pokemon childhood, but for me it will be over. It's a happy sadness...

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