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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Official's Post

Minako and her pokemon had pulled ahead of you. As you scan the area you notice that she has spotted something. Out of the corner of your eye you notice something to. Something feels off about this place. The damage here seems to be worse than every other place. You feels a small shake in the ground looking back at her.

Do you go to find out what is causing this feeling ?

Gwaine Slink Bitey Hedwig Electron Moonlight
Currently: Panicking

"Minako, this Quake wasn't natural. There have never been ones like this around here. And it is worse here. I think this quake was caused by a pokemon, and a damn big one." I said, calling Hedwig and Moonlight back to their pokeballs.

"Gwaine, be ready to fight at any time, but if you don't think you can win, teleport out of here. You have already saved my skin too many times to remember." I said the the dual type pokemon. He nodded at me, as his eyes began to glow, ready to land a Psychic blow if need be.

I slowly walked over to the supposed Epicenter of this quake, with my hands on Bitey and Slink's pokeballs, in preperation of the worst case scenario...

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