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I stopped just short of something thanks to Ash. To my surprise a Slakoth had been just lazily just laying in the grass. The little guy seemed very sluggish looking up to me.

Im not sure anyone could just attack these guys. I bent over looking at the Slakoth... With a big smile I ran my hand through its fur.
"How would you like to join ?"

The Slakoth smiled nodding its head. The little sloth pushed its self to its feet. "Slaaaak"
I let out a smile. I paused for a moment trying to think of a way we could challenge the little guy. As I looked off into the distance I couldnt help but notice a Ledyba jump across
one big branch to another. Shortly after a second followed. The dusty lightbulb about my head began to blink and I looked over at the little guy.
"How about a swinging contest!"

Slakoth smiled making its way over. However slow the little guy was on the land, he more than made up for it in the trees. Ash being a money type herself jumped at the chance to race. As the two made there way into the trees gettting into place. I called up to them
"Good Luck!!!! "

Areo helped out...letting out a loud cry to start the race. Slakoth started off with an early lead. Its longer arms allowed it to swing further which looked pretty amazing from our angle. It also had a longer reach. The first two trees seemed to go by rather quickly. Ashy tried to keep up. Though she did have shorter arms she had a ton of energy. Slakoth lead remained for about 3 three until Ashs endruance started to pay off. Her little arms grasping that much quciker for the next branch. She even used her feet to as she started to adjust to the slakoths style.
I couldnt help but wonder if Skaloth was teaching her how to swing..It had never come to me that pokemon learned from others this way. As the race came to close Ash pulled in front. She moved more quickly feeling the win was almost in her grasp! The little Slakoth not ready to lose had one more trick left up his shoes ! He paused for a moment using his strength the pull back a big branch. Once he had pulled it back a good distance he used it to project himself. The little guy flew through the air, cutting in front of Ash and coming up with the win.

As the two came down, Ash seemed a little bumped out. I ran up to them. Ash climbing into my arms. I looked down at the little guy.
"You have some moves in ya old boy. Thanks for the race! " I winked and began to walk away. We had lost fair and square. Slakoth paused for a moment than called out.
"Slak Slak !"

I turned around and the little guy seemed to want to join us. I grabbed the Timer Ball off my belt and tossed it over.

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