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Default Re: Journeymon [SUDS]

Is this place still open for SUs? I'm really interested in joining because it looks like so much fun! If they're still open, I'll get my SU up sometime before Sunday.

EDIT: Working on my SU anyway :P

Name: Valarie Alexander
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Appearance: Valarie is rather average in height and build, standing around 5'6" and being thin but not underweight. She's nothing to gawk at. She wears brown vest over a black shirt which has a white design on the left shoulder that looks like simple cross-hatching. She wears dark brown pants and carries an army print backpack to put her belongings in. Gaiga's pokeball sits on her waist, while Coros' remains in her bag since he usually stays out of it. She has shoulder-length brown hair that just reaches over her left eye. Speaking of her eyes, they are a light blue-green color, almost taking on a grey appearance in some light. She has fair skin that is slightly tanned from travelling for a while.

Personality: Valarie is a quiet and reserved girl who prefers the company of pokemon to people, though she is not as standoffish as she seems. She can be characterized as the quiet type, but isn't shy. Once you meet her and get to know her, she opens up a little bit. Only when she fully trusts you will she start to treat you like a true friend. She is only truly open around her parents, who she rarely sees anymore due to journeying on her own and exploring the world. She was rather sheltered as a child despite her father being an avid pokemon trainer, so she may seem a little naive at times, but she's grown from her own travels and her pokemon help guide her in the right direction. She likes to take on a motherly side over younger kids or pokemon.

Pokémon Team:

Gaiga - Scolipede - Female
Ability - Poison Point
Moves - X-Scissor, Venoshock, Toxic, Protect
Info - Gaiga was gifted to Valarie by her father for her 18th birthday. The Scolipede is her protector and though she can't communicate with Valarie verbally, she is still able to guide her trainer when needed. She is the strong and silent type.

Coros - Yamask - Male
Ability - Mummy
Moves - Hex, Ominous Wind, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp
Info - Coros can communicate with Valarie using a form of Telekenesis. However, he is usually very quiet and usually doesn't talk to anyone else but her. He was Valarie's first pokemon she caught herself, so they have a very close bond. He looks up to Gaiga as a mentor and works to become as strong as her.

Other: Nothing as of now :) Can't wait to get this started. I hope it's alright that Gaiga was given to Valarie by her father, since he was a pokemon trainer long before her and serves as her inspiration now :p I also needed an excuse to give her a Scolipede.

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