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Default Re: Another great migration ???

Originally Posted by Roze View Post
Haha, Now I'm curious. What would that look like?!? Popo?
Well, Jynx already looks like a drag queen who got dressed without a mirror and no lights on... So perhaps the male one will look exactly the same, just with some 5 o'clock shadow. That would be amazingly hilarious. I'm still surprised/annoyed they didn't do a Jynx evo when they did magmar and electabuzz. What ever happened to them being a set?!

I am very interested to see some new evolutions and prevolutions though, that was something that I thought gen 5 desperately lacked, especially considering how many they did for gen 4.

Back on topic, mass trading would be brilliant. I often restart my games and have to trade stuff from one game to another so that I don't lose all the 'mons I've EV trained and everything else that goes along with it. Any way to make this quicker would be much appreciated.

- ND
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