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OOC: Here goes...somethin'. ^^'


Becca Halliel
Aspertia City
just arriving...
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Looking around, Becca took stock of the area. There were a lot of people still walking around here just like Nacrene City. Since those living at the edge of regions did not have to worry about the wild attacks, even Pokemon were allowed to walk freely here. It was nice to see after having to travel to the other side of the region. Everyone was wary of Pokemon in cities and there were very few to be seen other than those under the control of RAGE trainers. She glanced down at BJ who had stopped beside her. Rarely would she call the Lucario to his pokeball, but cautious of the controlled areas she would keep his pokeball put away in her pack. There were usually enough questions to deal with as she traveled through without the worry of being stopped because her Pokemon was free to walk around. Taking her mind off of that, she got a better look at the city.

“It’s not as big as some of the others,” she said quietly. Looking up at one of the solid, brick buildings she smiled. “I like it.”

They were starting to walk further into the city when she noticed some odd looks. Unfortunately, Becca had a hunch what it was about. A fact she was all too familiar with. The seventeen year-old girl stood head and shoulders taller than the Lucario walking alongside. Her height was not exactly unheard of, but uncommon enough that she gained a lot of notice. There were not enough people around that she could try to blend in and she was beginning to feel uncomfortable. It was then that BJ tapped her arm. When she looked at him, he nodded to the other side of the street. There was a tall set of stairs built alongside a steep hill. Walking over, she saw a sign saying ‘Aspertia City Outlook.’ Becca took the opportunity and started up the steps. The top was deserted and there was a view of the Unova landscape that reached to the distant mountains. Another tap on her arm made her turn around though. From where they stood she could see the entire city unobstructed.

“Thanks, BJ.” Her only response was a nod. The Lucario knew she was not just thanking him for pointing out the view.

Reaching into a slot on the side of her pack, Becca pulled out the letter that she had received. To her, the oddest thing was not that she had been asked to come to Aspertia, though it did cross her mind. What really perplexed her was that the sender knew where to reach her. Becca’s hometown was Canalave City, in Sinnoh. And yet, the letter was sent to her where she had been staying in Nacrene City for only a few weeks to study at the museum. At first, she had been reluctant to follow the instructions given, not sure what at all could have drawn someone to invite her to a gym. But after a small push from BJ, Becca’s curiosity got the better of her. She had to find out who invited her. Besides, maybe she would find some of the answers she was looking for.

Unfolding the letter, she looked at the small slip of paper that gave her instructions after reaching the city. “The first part is easy now that we’re here.” She lifted her head. From the Outlook’s vantage point she could clearly see a Skarmory circling. “I’d say that’s the ‘shiny object in the sky.’ The rest of it is a little fuzzy. I guess it’ll be clear after we get to the next point.”

BJ only shrugged in reply.

“Well, you’re helpful,” she chuckled. “I guess that building down there is the gym since that’s where he’s circling.”

She slid the letter back into the slot on her pack and started down the stairs. They only had to go around one block to reach the gym. The outside was sadly neglected. She probably would have seen it in much better shape if her insecurity had not kept her from becoming a trainer before the attacks began. Becca stopped at the bottom of the stairs. There was no one outside and the building seemed so empty. Was anyone even there? BJ however did not hesitate. The Lucario went right up and pushed the door open, waiting there for his partner. Becca sighed and brushed some of the road dust from her leafy green capris, straightening her gold tunic-shirt to be presentable. She walked in the door with BJ and looked around. The inside was dusty and just as empty as it had looked from the outside.

“Maybe I messed up,” she said, the vacancy of the room making her whisper. “Is this the right place?”

Yes.” BJ’s voice echoed slightly in the quiet as he spoke through his Aura. “There are others here.” He pointed to the back of the building.

Becca looked around uncertainly, aware of the emptiness around them. “Well...if you’re sure.”

Crossing through the interior, they found an exit at the back that led outside. Opening the door, she could see that there were other trainers and Pokemon on the field. One that caught her eye was the Mienfoo. Now the rest of the message made sense. A tiny master alongside her trainer. She just hoped that it was the correct tiny master and not a coincidence. Stepping outside with BJ following, Becca shyly twirled the pokeball that hung around her neck.

“Excuse me. I’m, Rebecca Halliel.” She introduced herself hesistantly. Hopefully this was the right place. “Are we interrupting?”
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