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Official's Post

The ball shakes but sadly pops open ! The Nincada does flee though ! It seems to want to continue to battle.
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Damn, the Nincada broke free from the ball; it looks like it still wants to fight though. ''Ha, brave little guys like you is what we need to have. Breeze use your Bullet Seed.'' Breeze shot a barrage of seeds that Nincada avoided at first but the next waves hit it in the back. Nincada was still in its feet and wasn't going to give up that easily, he still had some fight in him.

It attack swiftly with a Leech Life and Breeze was lucky for being part Flying or else the attack would have fainted him. ''Okay, repeat another Bullet Seed to end this.'' Again, seeds went out of breeze mouth but this time the Nincada protected itself. And retaliated with a Scratch.

''Breeze, you did good but I don't want you fainting here. It's your turn Greed.'' Nincada was paralyzed but still was a formidable foe, I don't know from where it was getting all that energy. ''Use your Faint Attack to finish this Greed.'' Greed moved rapidly back and forth to create a vanishing illusion, Nincada was confused and couldn't focus on its target. Finally Greed hit and Nincada was sent flying upwards.

Even then, Nincada got up to its feet but the paralysis effect was getting his toll and quickly fell again to the ground. I threw another Pokeball at it, confident that this time I would catch it.
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