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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Official's Post

You walked back to the road continuing down the dirty path. The earthquake seemed out of place base on where you were, but it was hard to deny it while you were standing there. It hard to say which way to go, as the road has been split up by downed trees. Not only that part of you is looking for any more injured people or pokemon. You are going to have to just fight your way through the mess. Further in land is where the grass pokemon can be found, you could check there to see the damage bad.

Nothing Happens
(Trainer stats same as above)

I looked around and saw Minako and slink.

"There was an earthquake, I am seeing if there is anyone hurt." I said to Minako.

I looked around to see the damage. The road was torn apart by broken trees, and there was a grassland where there may be hurt pokemon.

"I am going to go look in the grassland," I said to Minako, "There may be injured pokemon in there." I said. I pulled out a pokeball and a friend ball and threw them into the air.
"Hedwig! Moonlight! Fly above and tell me if there are any hurt people or pokemon!"
The pokemon came out of their balls, and flew towards the grassland as I followed on foot, unsure if Minako would come or wait for me to come back.

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