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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Fishing

I put away the Pokeball and cast the rod in again. I wonder how long I'd be here. I also wondered how Pokeballs were tugging on my rod.
Official's Post

Fishing Guru

You spend what seems like hours fishing. The sun beats down on the back of your neck. I hope you're wearing sunscreen and a hat. You look down at your Good Rod.

A rotund man suddenly appears by your side. You wonder where he could have come from. He must have snuck up behind you silently. You are amazed at his ability to be so quiet. Such a large man would surely make more noise!

"Hey kid," he says softly. You stop fishing for a moment and turn to him. You notice he is wearing a round cap and waterproof jacket. He carries a shiny new fishing rod over his shoulder. "Caught much?"

You shake your head, wondering what this guy wants.

"I should introduce myself. I'm known as the Fishing Guru around these parts. There isn't a water Pokemon I can't catch. That Good Rod isn't bad, but if you want to be a real fisherman you'll need something like this." He shows you the fishing rod he's carrying. "It's a Super Rod, can catch any type of water Pokemon." He looks you up and down. "You seem to enjoy fishing. Tell me, have you managed to catch a Pokemon in a Lure Ball using a fishing rod yet?"

QUEST STARTED: "Gone Fishing"

Objective: Show the Fishing Guru a Pokemon caught in a Lure Ball with a fishing rod.
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