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Default Re: [NEW ART: 1/3/13!] 5TailedDemonLizard's Art

Aw, hey Char! Thanks for the complements! Unfortunately (if you saw in the Nuzlocke thread), I won't be doing the comic. I will be doing illustrations however! I have a bunch of new art to put up, so be prepared!

Flandragora - Final Fantasy XIII

I've been playing too much Final Fantasy XIII-2 lately, so I decided to go back and pick out some of my favorite enemies from Final Fantasy XIII. I give you the Flandragora, a very firey member of the Flan family who gave me no trouble at all XD

Kaze vs. Shadow Garchomp (Work in Progress)

The markings on the Charizard (Kaze) are actually Charcoal. I didn't want to have a piece hanging around her neck, so I want to make it look like it's drawn on her skin.

Avian Sketch

I wanted to try and get Avian's design down, but I can't settle on one that makes me too happy. I'm going to try for a more futuristic vibe next time.

Worgen Hunter

I've had this one sitting around on my computer for a LONG time, so I finally picked it up and finished it! I'm in love with the coloring on this one!

Adamantheron Sketch - Final Fantasy XIII

Ah, the Adamantheron. I think I did this big boy in around 20 minutes. I'm really proud of the way he turned out.

That's all! Enjoy the new art!

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