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Default Re: Leaves/Temporary Leaves/I'm Back Thread

Howdy hey, y'all!

Just thought I'd drop by for a moment. Still not back completely. As you should know I originally took leave because a family member of mine passed away, so I needed some time to myself. Well I had intended to be back before now, but things kept coming up. My health for one, family problems, another family member is very sick (just so you know, the family member this time is my cat), and things just keep piling up. It's starting to clear up, but the biggest issue right now I am facing is I do not have my laptop. It was having some major issues, another reason why I haven't updated before now, so it's in the shop. Right now I'm using out temperamental and glitchy desktop. So I'll still be absent for a little while yet, but I do not intend on leaving permanently just so you know. I do check in every now and then when I can, but with my situation right now I can't really be active. At least not until I get my laptop back. So for now I'm still on break, but do know that I am coming back when my situation gets better.

Until next time, folks!


P.S. Kailash says hi and to stay fabulous.
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