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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Party: Gyarados, Raticate, Meowth, Hoppip
Currently: VS Nincada

As I continued walking through the path, a sudden rustle from the grass almost gave me a heart attack. ''W-what is t-that?'' And from the grass leaped the reason of my stuttering, a Nincada. ''I can't believe what this path is doing to my nerves. Getting scared of a bug... I'll teach you not to scare me like that, go Rick!''

From the Pokeball emerged the big, blue monster that was Gyarados. ''Dooooossss'' The Nincada was now frozen with fear and tried to retreat to the safety of the tall grass. ''Rick, don't let it escape. Use your Tackle.''

Even out of water Rick showed an amazing agility as it quickly cut ahead of the Nincada and tackle'd it back to the battlefield. ''Great, now use your Bite'' Rick approached the Nincada ready to lay the bite but the little critter started kicking sand into the air which caused Rick to stop. ''Come back Rick, go Breeze.''

It was now the turn for Breeze to shine. The red plant was ready to engage the Nincada, who stayed for this round, thinking that it would be an even match. ''Give it a shot of Stun Spore.'' Breeze began moving the leafs from his head in a circle while releasing a polen-like dust, hitting the now paralyzed Nincada.

I threw the Pokeball at the defenseless bug, hoping that these attacks would be enough to keep it inside the ball.
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The ball shakes but sadly pops open ! The Nincada does flee though ! It seems to want to continue to battle.

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