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Pokémon: Project Gray

Chapter 8: Double Team

"What..?" Scarlett gasped as shock completely took over her body. Her lips trembled whenever she looked down at the cave floor, mindlessly staring at a crack that was caused by her and Blue's previous battle. "My Entei caused Cinnabar's..." she paused for a moment after she trailed off, "no way."

"I'm sorry. That must be a lot to soak in. I suppose that the woman who attacked you must have been living on Cinnabar Island when the volcano erupted." Blaine stated. After a few minutes of silence, the old gym leader's eyes focused on the stone floor just like the blonde trainer. Finally, Scarlett broke the silence with her soft voice.

"How many died?" she asked. She gripped her own arm nervously, her eyes showing so much regret. Blaine swallowed and groaned softly, not exactly feeling comfortable answering such a question, though he knew the girl wanted her mysteries solved.

"Perhaps a dozen lives were taken away because of the volcano. Unlike hurricanes, many scientists find it a great challenge to predict whenever a volcanic eruption is about to take place, especially since we all believed that ours was extinct. I know that it had no activity for thousands of years before the disaster six years ago. Being a scientist myself, it pains me that I was not able to save those people. Usually, volcanos give off signs that they are about to erupt like small earthquakes, but it all happened so fast." Blaine said while tightening his grip on his wooden cane.

Scarlett's eyes narrowed with remorse for the old man.

"I was able to save the rest of the residents with the help of my own fire pokemon. Blue was able to give me some assistance and another brave kid, who I know was from Pallet Town just like Blue, came to help too. We were able to evacuate and give medical attention to those who needed it in Viridian City. I could have lived in another city, but Cinnabar still felt like home. I had to be close by until I could rebuild a new place for myself. Like I said,I have become rather attached to the Seafoam Island,." he said while a small smile formed on his face. The old fiery gym leader looked up again, his smile fading once he saw a mournful Scarlett.

Her eyes sparkled with a single tear, but she refused to release it. "Blaine, I am so sorry. I can't imagine how it must have been for you and all of those people. The woman back in Fuchsia; she must have lost her family. She must have lost her friends. She had burn marks all over her. Even you endured so much. I really am sorry. If there is anything I can do, please tell me." Scarlett said while looking up at the older man.

Another reassuring smile appeared on Blaine's face when he slowly walked towards her. He put his wrinkled hand on the groomer's shoulder. "It's okay. It is not your fault. It's not your Entei's fault either. It did not choose the fate for Cinnabar Island. The lack of battle scars and length of its fur show that it is probably a young Entei. It was probably born on the day of the eruption. You should not blame yourself. I loved the people who were lost, but I know that they would not want us to mourn for them forever. They want us to continue on with our lives in happiness without bitterness. That is in the past now, and we need to focus on a future." the Cinnabar leader said with compassion pulsing from all of his words.

Scarlett nodded, agreeing with his words of wisdom.

"It is getting really late. You should get some rest." Blaine said. "You too, Blue!" A quiet groan came from the corner of the cave. Blue peaked out from behind one of the rock formations next to the entrance to Blaine's living area and gave the old man a sheepish wave.

"Eavesdropping is never wise, boy!" Blaine yelled while waving his cane in the air.

"Yeah, yeah. My bad. I was goin' to bed anyway." the Viridian gym leader mumbled as he shoved his hands into his pockets, then he stormed back towards the small corridor.

"Get some sleep too, young lady. Off you go. We will go to the pokemon center tomorrow." the wise fire master said.

Scarlett nodded and headed in the direction of the living area of the cave. Blaine slowly followed since he was not in any hurry. It was not long until the blonde girl had caught up with Blue. She walked a few feet behind him, still not feeling very comfortable around him yet. She was never good with new people. The young gym leader gave her a short glance over his shoulder when he heard Scarlett's footsteps echo throughout the narrow corridor.

"Think you could be louder?" Blue questioned, sarcasm coating his words. The golden-haired girl merely narrowed her eyes in response since she did not feel like starting an argument with him. Even if he was only joking, her mood was completely ruined because of her earlier conversation. The gym leader shrugged when she replied with just a cold glare, and faced forward again. Inside the living area, Sabrina was already asleep in the far left corner of the room. She was covered with a few blankets and it appeared that she had created a small "bed" out of a few quilts. Blaine finally entered as well, and chuckled when he spotted the exhausted psychic gym leader.

"Looks like she took all the spare blankets." the older man laughed. Scarlett could not help but feel slightly disappointed. A small smile appeared on the tired blonde's face when an idea popped in her mind, wiping away all of her frustrations about sleep.

Blue's expression had not changed much, but his eyes gave off a cold aura. "I don't need any blankets. I'll be alright." the young man said while sitting against the stone wall.

"You can use my bed if you'd like, Scarlett." Blaine offered politely.

The girl smiled in response to his kindness. "No, thank you. I wouldn't mind sleeping back in the gym area if I could borrow some firewood."

"There is plenty of room in here though. If people are really trying to find all of you and hurt you, you should all stay together." Blaine replied, attempting to understand why she wanted to isolate herself.

"No worries, Blaine. I'll be okay."

The old man knew that she would not change her mind, so he gave in to her wish and gave her a few pieces of his firewood, enough to last her for the night. The young girl thanked him and headed back into the battle area of the cave. She pulled a ultra ball off of her sash, then allowed it to open. The familiar legendary pokemon appeared from the light and soft growl-like purrs escaped through its razor sharp teeth as it greeted its trainer. The volcanic beast walked beside Scarlett until they reached the middle of the room.

The groomer threw the firewood unto the cave floor and gestured her Entei to light up the pieces of wood. Small orange flames spewed from Entei's mouth, instantly creating a beautiful fire that illuminated the cave. Scarlett thanked her pokemon and sat a few inches away from the flames, enjoying its warmth, but despite the comfort of the fire, her mind was being overwhelmed with grief. She perplexed about her situations, hoping that it would come to an end soon. She hated the fact that she was running from an enemy that she did not know, and not being aware if she could even trust the people who were sleeping within the same cave as her. What if they were a danger to her life and they were trying to lead her to a trap?

She kicked herself mentally for allowing these things to haunt her as much as they did. Entei laid down behind her after stretching and scanning the cave for any possible dangers. Scarlett felt herself fall backwards onto her pokemon's warm brown fur which had a considerably large amount of warmth. She wanted to sleep so badly, but her mind constantly flashed with memories that brought her discomfort. If only she had a pokemon who knew sleep powder or hypnosis with her. Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes turned to hours. Entei had drifted into a light sleep and the fire was beginning to die out, though Scarlett just got her first wave of sleepiness. Eventually, she was able to relax enough to get a few hours of rest just before the sun came up.


X~ Lt. Surge's ego was skyrocketing as he stood upon the sandy land, his boots slowly beginning to sink into the damp sand since he was immobile for a moment or two. The weather had slightly warmed up since the previous day, though a cold breeze would chill the skins of the search team. It was barely dawn and the sun appeared as if it was rising from the sea itself. Accompanying the Lieutenant was four people, one being the same woman who owned the Crobat, and two others who had also attacked the girls within Saffron City. They had a recruited a new member into the group too. All of them possessed a large badge similar to Surge's and it was pinned to their shirts, hat, or belt. The pieces of metal reflected the dim sunlight. They each had a grin, as if they had reached a certain goal.

Lt. Surge chuckled when he scanned the land on which he stood. He spotted more footsteps that did not belong to any of the group members leading towards a cave. He was familiar with this area since he had been here before, and it was not long until they all made their way towards the rocky entrance.


X~ The sounds all around Scarlett sounded cloudy and muffled. Yells of people and cries of pokemon echoed throughout her mind, but a few of the louder ones caused her body to jolt in fear.

"Someone help me!"

"I can't see!"

"Please help them!"

Scarlett heard a variety of voices, though she could not comprehend where they came from. They were definitely familiar and she scrambled through her mind to try to place a face with each voice. Along with the sound of shrieks of terror was the sound of a powerful roar. The low rumble rung in her ears, constantly reverberating all around her and mixing with the screams. She could even hear the beating of her own heart beating loudly in her chest. Her eyes were opened wide, but she was unable to see anything besides shadowy silhouettes rushing past her.

"Scarlett!" echoed another voice, though it was male. It came from far away, but it overpowered the mournful screams. The confused girl just wanted to find the source of it, so she reached her hands out into the darkness, attempting to find whoever was there. She opened her mouth, but no words escaped her trembling lips.

"Scarlett!" This time the voice was louder and sounded much more angry.

She felt something grab her left arm and forcefully pull her in the opposite direction, causing her fear to heighten.

She closed her eyes for a moment, believing that it would not make a difference since it was pitch dark anyway, but once she opened her red-shaded eyes again, a vision of city flashed right before her. The city was simply gorgeous and full of life. A beautiful river flowed right next to the luscious domain and flowers bloomed all around on the deep green grass, making the area to glow in many rich colors. The sun was down so the buildings were illuminating the darkness with their neon lights. Many bodies of water, other than the river, surrounded this place. Flashes from the urban establishments reflected off their surfaces and gave the area even more light. Most of the houses within this mysterious place had blue-tinted roofs and had a well landscaped yard.

Scarlett felt herself smile when she looked at the many wonders of this urban paradise. She closed her eyes again, feeling a strange peace take over her body. This sensation was interrupted whenever a large explosion caused her eyes to shoot open once more. The once beautiful city was now covered in flames and the sound of screams filled her ears again. All of the building's windows were broken or even blown out and each piece of the shattered glass emulated the flame's reflection off their surfaces. Fire completely swallowed the ground, and had placed its fiery grasp upon a few of the smaller homes. The clouds appeared to be many shades of orange and due to the high flames, the sky was filled with smoke and floating debris.

"Scarlett!" This time the voice was right in her ear. She felt her entire body shake as she took in a fast and sharp breath. In an instant, she was back in the Seafoam Island cave in the same spot where she and her Entei had slept. She felt someone lift her off the ground and into their arms, causing a small squeak to come from her mouth in response. Scarlett's eyes were still filled with sleepiness and confusion sweep over her mind again while she tried to process what was happening. She tilted her head up to see that it was Blue was the one carrying her and he had a very unpleasant expression on his face.

A large blast of electricity and blob of steaming purple liquid crashed right where they stood, but luckily, they managed to move far enough not to be touched by the intimidating substances. The high voltage lightning gave off a small explosion when it made contact with the cave floor. The purple acid-like liquid merged with the sparks of electricity, fueling their fury and caused the rock to melt away. Though Scarlett and Blue were spared from the attacks, the force of the explosion caused the Viridian gym leader to lose his footing, causing them to fall to the ground. Blue attempted to shift himself so he would not land on top of the girl, but with such little time, they both fell unto their fall definitely woke up the confused Scarlett since her face made contact with the hard cave floor.

A quiet groan came from Blue as he recovered from the impact of the fall. He rolled over and gave Scarlett a cold glare. "You are an idiot." he said bluntly. "Who sleeps through this?! Get up and help out!" The irritated Blue got to his feet and ran towards the entrance of the cave where a battle was taking place. Scarlett's Entei was standing on the side of the entry way, roaring loudly at the intruders. Its intimidating sounds was working quite nicely considering that nothing dared to get near it.

The blonde got to her feet and followed Blue to outside of the cave. Sabrina and Blaine were already outside. Blaine was trying to reason with the newcomers, but Sabrina had already summoned one of her pokemon for battle. Another creature that Scarlett had never seen before stood close by to the entryway of the cave. Entei did not seem to be bothered by this pokemon, so she knew that it must belong to one of her temporary teammates. This tall beast was purple in color and it possessed a large horn protruding from its forehead. Its muscular chest and abdomen had a gray coloration and spines trailed down its back, stopping at its lengthy tail. Scarlett could not remember the name of this pokemon, but judging by the shape of its spiky ears and horn, she presumed that it was the evolution of a Nidorino.

Her eyes narrowed once she saw the intruders. "You.." she growled when she instantly recognized Lt. Surge's face. "How did you find us?"

Another creature, who most likely caused the acid from earlier, stood in front of the uniformed woman. Blaine was eyeing her carefully, a hint of disappointment within his heart. "Janine?"

The woman did not respond, but she appeared to be slightly ashamed by the fact that she was there.

The man standing next to her was holding something, but Blue and the others focused more on the pokemon since they did not think it was dangerous.

Lt. Surge scoffed when Scarlett caught his eye. "Electro Ball." he ordered his creature who was standing in front of him. It was covered in yellow fur and black stripes and a larger lightning bolt shaped stripe was on its stomach. Its large arms began to glow while multiple sparks of yellow electricity surrounded its limbs. The young trainers recognized it to be an Electabuzz: a really powerful electric pokemon that was native to the Kanto Region. All of the electricity condensed into one area, forming a ball of pulsing energy in between the pokemon's hands. The creature grunted when it threw the ball directly towards Scarlett, but the attack did not even make it close to her. Entei had fired a blast of burning hot flames towards the Electro Ball, causing it to dissolve on contact.

Lt. Surge's face filled with amusement when he saw the power of her Entei. "How did a little lady like yourself capture the volcanic pokemon of legends?"

"Answer my question! How did you find us?" Scarlett snapped.

"We were informed by a gentlemen who worked at the PokeMart in Lavender Town. We had a few leads that you folks might be at Cinnabar Island, and this was the next best place to look!" the lieutenant said with a grin. "Now, answer my question."

"I'd rather not." the fiery blonde responded with hatred in her words.

"Kids like you are dangerous. What if you decide to turn on people and use that thing for acts of cruelty?" the man shouted while pointing to her fire typed pokemon.

"Says the man who is attacking us! What's the point of all this?" Blue yelled through his gritted teeth. "Where the hell is my sister? Where is Gramps?"

"You all are criminals." Lt. Surge responded. "You refuse to cooperate with the government."

Blue laughed at his words. "So, if you don't get your way, you go around hurting people? I don't wanna be under a 'government' who thinks they own me!"

Blaine shook his head while he listened to the arguing happening outside of his gym. "Lt. Surge, I think you should leave. I will tell you my answer about joining your group in a more appropriate time."

"This is an appropriate time!" Surge yelled. The sun's rays finally made their way out of the shelter of the clouds, and shined down on the island.

"And you'll try to kill him if he doesn't?" Scarlett stated while extending her arm towards Blaine. "What's wrong with you people? That is not how leadership works here! You know that! "

"Well, the world that you know does not exist anymore." the uniformed said while sliding his pair of sunglasses on his face, then signaling the other four allies to step forward.

"Flamethrower, Nidoking!" Blue ordered his beast as soon as Lt. Surge moved his hand, assuming that he was planning another attack. The bipedal monster opened its enormous mouth, flames building up in its throat, and released them at the opposing group.

"Protect!" shouted the Lieutenant. His Electabuzz jumped in front of the group surrounded by a large force field that appeared to be a blueish green color. The fire simply bounced off of the shield, sparing Lt. Surge's group from any sort of severe burns or injuries.

A growl-like groan came from an agitated Blue, and he clenched his teeth when he saw the former Vermilion gym leader of lightning glancing at Blaine. "Sabrina, get Blaine and that girl out of here! I got this!" the brave young gym leader exclaimed, his Nidoking roaring in response a few seconds after he finished his sentence.

Blaine had a stern expression, then nodded in disagreement. "I hope you don't plan on continuing this meaningless fight!"

Another blast of electricity was fired right at the old man merely seconds after he spoke. A blinding light consumed the Seafoam Island, the sounds of the bolts of the sparks was the only noise that could be heard. A faint scream could be hurt over the continuous explosions caused by Lt. Surge's assault. Scarlett opened her eyes in horror, attempting to view where Blaine once stood, but she was still unable to see due to the radiance of the electric attack.

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