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Default Re: The Chosen [RP]

Name: Fenn Simmons
Temple of the Chosen (With Te)

I looked over at the boy who she had been paired with after listening to boy named Cobalt read the letter. Whatever was past these doors was dangerous, and we didn't even know if this archaeologist was alive or not. We could be walking to a dead end.

"Alright, guess we have no choice.." I said "Come on Altera."

Beckoning to the little creature, it let out a soft cry and jumped into my arms. Cradling her close to my chest, I hurried after Tengu. We were silent for a moment, since I was not sure what to say to the boy. Altera, however, happily exchanged what sounded like words with his companion, the black bird.

"Did your animal come from one of those meteors?" She finally asked, trying to break the silence.

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