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Default Re: The Traded Pokemon League. (In-Game Challenge)

Example Stats:

Forum Username: Roze
Version: Black 2
FC: Blah Blah Blah
In-game Name: Ryan
In-game Gender: Female
Starter: Tepig

Caught and Trade Pokemon:
Male Tepig: Firesty (Level 11: to Blah)
Female Purrloin: Mr. Meow (Level 5: to Blah)
Female Mareep: Surgiepoo ( Level 14: to Blah)
Male Sunkern: Buddy (Level 2: to Blah)

Gym Teams:

Aspertia City:
Male Snivy: Snitch (Level 13: from Blah)
Male Eevee: LizLemon (Level 10: from Blah)
Female Koffing: Coffin (Level 10: from Blah)
Male Tepig: Stinky (Level 12: from Blah)

Virbank City:

Level 100 @ 1320
[VPP] - [URPG]

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