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Default The Traded Pokemon League. (In-Game Challenge)

Hi guys. I wanted to share an idea I had with you guys. I’ve been restarting my Black 2 file and I’m remembering how much I love using traded Pokémon because of how quickly they grow due to the trade experience boost.

I always wanted to do a Nuzlocke challenge because I liked the idea that you don’t get to choose the Pokémon you use. I never got very far because hate having to release Pokémon that “die”. I’d be much happier giving them to someone else. I also hated that you seem to always get 15 Patrats. Then I had an idea. I want to create a community of traders and traded Pokémon. People can catch any Pokémon they want. They can go searching for a Riolu at the Ranch. (Something not likely to pop up in a true Nuzlocke.) BUT, they have to donate that Riolu to the community and pray that they get some as cool back.

The Basic Rules I’ve thought of are as follows:
  • Catch any Pokémon you want. All Pokémon must be nicknamed. (Forum Appropriately)
  • Then trade it.
  • You have no say in the Pokémon that are traded to you.
  • During all Gym Trainer and Gym Leader battles you must only use Pokémon with a OT different from you.
  • You may only use Traded Pokémon within one Gym. (You're urged to trade it again.)
  • You will log the Pokémon used in each gym in a “Stats Post”.
The rules are designed to keep trade levels steady. Chances are you will need at least one to six trades between every gym leader. I want to keep trade constant.

(I think it will be fun to track Pokémon, such as, “Oh look there’s Squishy the Onix! Now she’s a Steelix and she helped Roze defeat the Elite Four! I remember how we decimate Burgh despite her not listening to a single command. I was a nervous wreck that battle.”) I also think it would be excited to be at the elite for and your are traded six level One Magikarps! Exciting or what?

What does everyone think about this idea?

Sign Up! :D


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