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Default Re: Which starter will you pick?

I agree with TE. They are similar in the fact that they are both foxes, but besides that that aren't horribly similar. It is a pretty obvious that foxes are way more popular than most other Pokemon. So it makes sense for them to make a lot of versions.

Fennekin vs Zorua.
The tails are different shapes and Zorua's is mono-colored.
Fennekin doesn't have a mane.
Ears are completely different shapes.
Legs are completely different shapes.

I hate redundancy as much as the next person, and I'll be as peeved as everyone if Fennekin turns into a Fire/Fighting, but one thing I've been pretty satisfied with the diversity in the starters. They fit a general mold for starters but all the types have a pretty good mix of shapes, sizes, furs, and scales, etc.

But that's just my take on the situation. I'm holding on getting upset for when they really mess things the hell up.

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