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Default Re: Another great migration ???

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
I highly highly HIGHLY doubt a bulk trade/migration. I wish they would though. Migrating and trading 100+ Pokemon i want to keep so I can start a new game is tiring and often not worth it. :(

700+ Pokemon would be more of a challenge to complete, and I'm up to it. >:D I'm actually really excited to see Pokemon #666. I hope it'll be a demon-like creature to scare every religious person and make a huge deal out of it. I wanna see those arguments. xD

I think if they were going to do bulk trades, they would've already though. Unless they incorporate something new. I really hope they do though!

Bulk trade is the only logical way to trade that many pokemon. Each game the trading system is getting better and better. What black and white 2 failed do with mass trades the next gen will surely pick up. Once they solve trading multiple pokemon at a time, whole boxes wont be a problem.

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
I thought ti was me that played the pessimist, pecides each gen they have made it easier to transfer and each gen they know people are furious there is no bulky transfer yet. The demand is there it dose not even have to be a fetaure of the game it might be another add on like the pokedeox or other thing.
An app that can support that kinda feature would really be the best way to solve that problem.

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